How to heal after the loss of a miscarriage

Posted by on Oct 7, 2018

What can you do to ease your pain and loss after a miscarriage? For many couples having a baby is not a simple exercise, and there are countless obstacles and stages to pass before that baby is brought home. From my work as a Therapeutic Reflexologist, Bereavement Counselor, Logotherapy practitioner and mental imagery for healing practitioner, I have come to believe that the support women need on their journeys to conception and birth is a whole-istic (holistic) approach where the MIND and BODY are treated as one. We can’t just focus on getting the body right for conception; we have to deal with the emotions that come with the experience as well. Often the beginning stage of conception is filled with struggles and difficulties and many couples today are battling here. This challenge comes with lots of emotions, highs...

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Posted by on May 15, 2016

Welcome to our PRODUCTS page. These audio downloads and workshops are for you to empower yourself on your journey to finding meaning and wellbeing. Each one offers something unique that will inspire you and open your heart to new ideas. Please scroll down for various options. Let the journey begin… Here is a list of products. Scroll down for more details: Logotherapy, your inner strength revealed Forgiveness and healing – Why is it so hard to forgive? Relaxation and Visualization CD – 3 in 1! Fertility self-help CD MINDBODY workshop – Decoding the body’s messages Prayers and Ordeals – Month of Cheshvan Finding your COURAGE – Month of Kislev Realizing your POTENTIAL – Month of Shvat Actualizing HAPPINESS – Month of Adar FREEDOM – What’s enslaving you – Month of Nissan Our latest product is a workshop – “Decoding...

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How Reflexology helps during pregnancy

Posted by on May 27, 2014

Reflexology and Pregnancy – the benefits Did you know that REFLEXOLOGY greatly benefits/improves pregnancy related issues. The thinking behind Reflexology is that it gets that which is working to work at its optimal. I often see women who are struggling with pregnancy side effects and Reflexology helps to ease these issues and improve the pregnancy. For pregnancy related ailments or conditions it helps to: Restore balance in the body Maximizes blood flow to the uterus Balances out hormonal function Distribute or expel excess water the body may be carrying Lowers nausea Calms the body to enable sleep Control shortness of breath Ease back pain and sciatica Helps with the growth of the baby Assists in turning a breach baby Prepares the body hormonally for childbirth If required, it can help induce labour after week 40 and much more. Benefits...

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MENTAL IMAGERY – New self-help trends with Infertility

Posted by on Nov 17, 2013

The fertility journey is emotionally draining and frustrating, and patients report feeling powerless during waiting phases, desperate, depressed and helpless. By introducing MENTAL IMAGERY into infertility treatments, Devorah has found that patients are able to have a shift in their stress levels, as well as a greater shift towards being hopeful with a more positive outlook. Not only that, using MENTAL IMAGERY can boost and improve hormone levels connected with conception, It can also help open blocked Fallopian tubes as well as maxamize follicle growth, boost ovulation, increase circulation and blood flow to the uterus. People say, “Just relax and it will happen” or “Don’t be so stressed” or “Just give it some time” You have tried relaxing and not stressing, but it is with you all the time, consuming you! You don’t know how! MENTAL IMAGERY will help switch...

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Benefits of Reflexology during Pregnancy and After Birth

Posted by on Sep 1, 2013

Pregnancy benefits… Reflexology taps into the body’s ability to heal itself. It aims to bring about a balance of the nine body systems such that they are synchronized and act in harmony, resulting in a feeling of well being and vitality. Every reflexology treatments is personalized according to the specific symptoms or condition that the patient is presenting with. The tranquil and serene environment also helps the patients to relax which is often the starting point for healing. The goal through reflexology is to help bring about normal body function and promote a feeling of well-being, while encouraging the body to perform at its optimum. (Reflexology is also used as a treatment for infertility) Please contact Devorah Kur 054 3495545 or refer to my website Reflexology during pregnancy helps to relieve: Swollen ankles Sciatica and back pain Breech...

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