Therapeutic Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage – WOMEN ONLY

WOMEN ONLY – The back, neck and shoulder areas are the first places that we tense up when we are under stress. This massage provides great relaxation therapy which addresses tension and anxiety which we hold in our bodies.

Back MassageTake time out to listen to your body. You wouldn’t drive your car when it was empty, yet you push yourself without “filling yourself” up.

Some benefits of the Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage are:

  • Pain relief – muscle tension and stiffness is eased
  • Improved circulation – nerve stimulation and increased blood flow round the body
  • Stress relief – a benefit received from taking time-out to be nurtured
  • Better sleep – the body feels more rested
  • Feel relaxed, revitalized and energized!

My vision is to inspire people to grow and heal from within, enabling them to live enriched and healthy lives.

“Gift Vouchers available for treatments – the perfect way to spoil and indulge someone special”